Yeah, They’re Crazy

I think if I were offered Tucker Carlson’s job, I’d be convinced I was having a bad dream. Or maybe a nervous breakdown.

In this outing, Tucker interviews a smirking paramecium named Dakotah Something, who thinks socialism really, really works and America should try to be like Venezuela. ‘Cause all the probs down there, he says between smirks, are caused by bad people trying to ruin the government’s plans to create a workers’ paradise. Damn, it’s a tough row to hoe, for those “dedicated Chavistas.”

Workers, eh? Socialism is full of airheads who never did a day’s work in their lives. What would they know about work?

Watch this kid’s face and listen to his words. This is a product of our education system. This is what we’re getting for our money.

This is our national folly come to life.

And what we’re supposed to do with the hundreds of thousands like him that our colleges are turning out, beats me.

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  1. Maybe Dakotah would like to head on down to Venezuela and set up housekeeping. In fact, maybe he could take a whole passel of libs with him. No matter how many countries go down this road to ruin, there’s always another one willing to adjust a few things and try again – extolling the virtues of socialism. I dread thinking of what this country will look like in a few decades (if it takes that long). Our indoctrination centers called education institutions will see to that.

  2. It always amazes me that the young and inexperienced can be so convinced of their convictions, when they have no concrete practice to back it up.

    1. Probably termites. They, too, specialize in undermining structures.

    2. Note to nation: If you have a Green Party in your country, get rid of it.
      It seems the buildings confiscated were owned by landlords, were in need of repair and maintenance, and had been vacant for several years. Which doesn’t make it right–but no one’s going to defend this example of private ownership.

      But then no one in the German government seems about to defend Germany in any way at all.

      It makes me wonder if God has cursed Europe for the Holocaust, and made them subject to self-destructive folly and delusion.

    3. “It makes me wonder if God has cursed Europe for the Holocaust, and made them subject to self-destructive folly and delusion.”

      You could be onto something here. It’s obvious that they have not learned much of anything in the ensuing years and the standards of decency in Europe don’t seem to have improved.

      While I am no fan of Hitler, he didn’t do the things he did all by himself. Had the German people opposed him and stuck to their convictions, it would have been impossible for those atrocities to happen. But they didn’t oppose him and many took great pride in being part of what was happening.

      Anti-semitism in Europe is not all that hard to find. I suspect that many common citizens in Nazi Germany went along with the Third Reich because they harbored anti-semitic sentiments and a desire to rid themselves of Jewish neighbors.

      Recently, I read a piece which told that countries tended to lose out economically once they became anti-semetic. I don’t know if there are hard facts to back it up, but I think it bears investigation.

    4. I was probably nearly as clueless at his age, but no one paid much attention to my opinions back then and I certainly wasn’t being interviewed on television.

      On paper, socialism looks like it could work, but because it removes incentive, it doesn’t make the transition from theory to practice. At the heart of it all, in my humble opinion, it is based upon a profound lack of respect for the individual and, perhaps, a desire to control the actions of others.

    5. “A desire to control the actions of others”–that is what makes leftids tick. In fact, it is the only think that makes them tick.

  3. I doubt he’s ever even been to Venezuela. I know someone living in Venezuela, so I get a first-hand account of what’s going on. It was bound to turn out this way. Chavez was able to keep things afloat for awhile, in part due to his charismatic personality. Something of which his successor has none of. Of course it would have tanked even if Chavez had lived. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.
    Guys like this will never learn. They are chasing a perpetual carrot on a stick. They are holding onto the fantasy that Socialism and Communism promises to deliver, but never does. Then they make excuses when it doesn’t work out that way they hoped. Yet they keep trying over and over again. That is the very definition of insanity.

    1. The false gods they serve demand not mercy but sacrifice. Mostly sacrifices by other people who don’t have a say in the matter.

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