The Devil’s Cockpit: Ontario

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As if foster children didn’t already have enough difficulties to overcome, the provincial government of Ontario has now decided that “a parent’s failure to recognize and support a child’s gender self-identification” is “a form of child abuse,” necessitating the government to remove children from the foster home and into “protection” (–where, presumably, boys can be girls and girls can be boys without fear of discouragement.

This insanity passed the legislature by a vote of 63-23.

The ideology enabling it, as voiced by one government official, can be stated in a mere two words: “We co-parent.”

By the way, the government ordered two little girls, aged 3 and 4, removed from a foster home recently when the foster parents refused to tell them that the Easter Bunny is real.

Well, he’s at least as real as “gender fluidity”!

Note that as yet this wicked nonsense is aimed at children in foster care. They have not yet assumed the power to sweep into your home and take away your natural children because you wouldn’t let the four-year-old sign up for a sex change.

See, here’s how it works. You send your little kiddies to Ontario’s schools, where, starting in the early grades, “teachers” preach to them, day after day, the extreme desirability of “choosing” your gender. Then, when it’s been firmly planted in a child’s mind that it would be really, really cool to “choose” another gender, the foster parents have to go along with it or else be found guilty of child abuse.

Dare I say the abuse starts with the original decision to send the child to such a school?

Yeah, I dare.

Ontario is governed by deeply wicked people whose folly is Satan’s delight.

8 comments on “The Devil’s Cockpit: Ontario

  1. They can call it ‘co-parenting’ all they want. I call it murdering these children’s souls. Those they can’t murder before birth, they use other means to murder. The devil and his minions will stop at nothing. Evil is their mantra.

  2. We WILL take your children, even while still in your wombs, because they will be OUR future, not yours. The NWO, UN Agendas, multi-national globalists & oligarchs thank you for providing us with an unlimited of quiet, obedient slaves. The future belongs to US and the rest of you will be depopulated, in every way possible. Heil!

    1. Their covenant with death shall not stand, and their pact with Hell shall be disannulled. So the Lord told Isaiah to tell us.

    2. It’s amazing to watch. Do these people really believe that they can change the natural order?

      I wouldn’t recommend the schools, as they currently are, to anyone.

    1. They’ve certainly made their stand clear.

      I feel sorry for children whom may experience a moment of confusion ad find themselves being processed through the system. I fear that there will end up a generation of damaged, even mutilated youngsters with no road back.

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