We Has got To Bann the Bibel!!

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Wuld yiu beleave it?? i acturelly Fourgot I was ellected to the Stodent Soviet “And” I misssed a buntch of Meetings!! so i maid Sure “I” shoed up Last Nihght “and it”” was a good Thing I “did” becose wee has voted To bann the Bibel fromb our campas!!!

Whe desided to “do” it becose the Collidge LGBTQIAMW Inclution Concil thay Asked “us” to done it becose thare “is” Alll that hat speach in the Bibel and lots of christin Prifflidge tooo! so nowe yiu cant Has no Bibel hear at Collidge and yiu “beter” Not becose iff we ketch yiu whith One we will Take It “away” and aslo put yiu in Sensertiffity Traning like fourevver!!!!

and than some Ijjit he sayed Wel waht abote “our Freedem to reed any Thing we wannt?? so” six of us wee jist Beet him “up” he is only A Racist annyweiy!! Freedem meens yiu shuld auhght to reed jist the Book’s “on The” List!!! The Books that thay Are “not” on the List yiu cannt reed becose thay got hat speeach in them!! And aslo tooo meny Big Wirds witch them wirds thay are Micro Agrecian!! and aslo Triger Wirds!

Wel i amb prowed of “waht” wee done Lasst Nihght and neckts time may be we Wil bann Moar Racist Book’s!!

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  1. Joe, my friend. As usual, you are way out in front on this matter, avant-garde, so to speak. Just the other day, I was reading the manual for some computer equipment and found a word I didn’t know. There you have it, micro-aggression, right in from of me. So, I think that the people who put a micro-aggression right in front of me ought to go to jail forever, maybe even longer.

    Let me propose that we start there, and work our way back later on. If you read software manuals, especially the online help from some big companies, you will realize that these people do nothing but micro-aggress all day long. The best part of this, Joe, is that YOU should be leading the way. Your time has come. Once you get the software manuals sorted out, then you can go after the religious books, but not one day sooner, or you’ll be giving in to micro aggression on a huge scale. 🙂

  2. TGIJ Thank God It’s Joe. In my speech class at the university we were told we could not use Wikipedia or the Bible for references because they are not authoritative.

  3. I’m surprised that Joe and his classmates can even read well enough to know what’s in the Bible — but on second thought, they don’t have to read it to know it’s eeeevil; they’ve been told it’s eeeevil by their perfessers.

    1. They heard it from the LGBTQIA council.
      What are these freaks going to do when they run out of letters of the alphabet? Only 19 left.

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