Drivel Alert: ‘Sex-bots Will Improve Marriage’

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This story is much too disgusting to illustrate. Here is a picture of a luna moth instead. God’s stuff is better than ours. Ours sucks.

Shakespeare thought of this first, when he had Lady Macbeth cry out, “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here…!”

Be careful what you wish for.

Just when you thought humanism couldn’t dehumanize us any further, along come the sex-bots–machines you can “have sex” with. But not to worry: an “expert” (oh, please) at the University of British Columbia says having sex with machines can make our marriages better (

See, if you get your jollies making whoopee with a glorified toaster-oven, that’ll give you and your spouse “more focus on companionship and creating a family.” She does not explain how you and your spouse will do that if you’re both having sex with machines instead of with each other.

Oh, but what’s not to like? This’ll “give couples greater opportunity to define their own type of marriages,” according to whatever addled pumpkin-guts you have in place of a brain. Why, it “could soon become a societal norm”! Oh, frabjous day. More societal norms that college doodlebugs make up as they go along.

Sophisticated sex-bots are bound to be expensive, so maybe for the time being you can make do with your printer or some other handy appliance–whatever floats your boat.

Are there really people out there who don’t understand that “sex” with a machine is only a simulation of sex?

I do hope not.

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  1. This is really quite concerning. Since pornography became available on the Internet, there has been a persistent problem with men becoming dependent upon the novelty of pornography for arousal, and in at least some cases, being unable to achieve arousal without pornography.

    Marriages have suffered and likewise the many men so hooked on the endless novelty of visually unlimited porn images that they lose all interest in real-world relationships. The term “porn addiction” is used and the comparison is made with people that become so enthralled with exploring the virtual worlds of video games that they lose interest in the real world around them.

    So here come the sex-bots and I can only imagine that this will make matters worse. The photos in the linked article were disgusting, but someone desperate enough to seek a robot isn’t going to care. Really, this is just an extension of the lie that you can somehow buy sexual gratification, which completely ignores the fact that absent the emotional component, no one will find any lasting satisfaction.

    So, sex-bots will not bring couples closer together and will almost certainly drive a wedge between partners. Honestly, the whole thing sickens me.

    1. It’s really sad that a person could be reduced to simulated sex with a machine. It’s obvious that some very great deficiencies are present in our current society.

  2. Ok.. let me re-phrase to comment on your post…

    Spending some alone time with a centerfold is the same thing. Your point?

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