My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 4 (‘Liberals and Suicide’)

Hum, baby, do the liberals love suicide! They are openly working to get our society to produce more of it.

I’ve begun to wonder if they intend, eventually, to make suicide a spectator sport, or maybe a reality TV show.

You could now do that legally in California.

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 4 (‘Liberals and Suicide’)

  1. The blind lead the blind right over the cliff. If they could open their eyes and see there are no do-overs, I can’t see many who wouldn’t alter their course. Laziness and the ‘me’ mentality are responsible for much of it – straight from the pit of hell.

    People are honestly clueless and too lazy and dull witted to truly want to know what God has to say. It seems to me to be that simple. I pray for those people. They have no idea their fate.

  2. It’s as if a social tipping point has been reached and the next step is self destructive, in one way or another.

    In reading the News With Views piece, I appreciate the compassionate words at the very beginning. Teens are in a tough spot, socially and economically, not to mention the pressures of school, etc. It’s understandable that teens would have moments of anxiety, self-doubt, even self-loathing, but these feelings tend to be short-termed in nature.

    Encouraging suicide to a teen, especially if they’ve been exposed to the doom and gloom of the far left’s propaganda, is simply wrong. It’s wrong in any event, but with the uncertainties of being a teen, it’s an even more egregious act.

    1. I pray hard for those young people, Unknowable – many times with tears, begging Father to turn their hearts to Him, and that they would see the humanistic indoctrination they’ve been subjected to for what it is.

    2. It was bad enough when I was a boy, and it was bad. We were groomedtl be perfect little lefties and if you chafed at the bit, you would be scorned. What must it be like for school kids today?

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