‘University: “No Such Thing as Free Speech”‘ (2015)

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I actually went to this shabby excuse for higher education, Rutgers University. Back then (1967-71), they pretty much beat it into your head that you had to dissent–well, not from what they were selling: you had to “dissent” from what your parents, your church, and your country stood for.

Now it’s even loonier.


Yup, now there’s no free speech at all! In fairness to the past, a lot of the excellent professors that I had would be kicked out today for failure to be Politically Correct.

Trust me on this: We Americans are “educating” ourselves to death.

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  1. I applied to 4 colleges. Rutgers was the only one that turned me down. Many of the professors I had at college are now in DC! They were “political correct” before it became a crime not to be.

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