Running Scared… and Erasing History

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Notre Dame has decided to cover over its “problematic” (to leftids) murals depicting Christopher Columbus discovering the New World (–originally created, 134 years ago, to celebrate Catholic immigration to America at a time when much of the population was hostile to Catholics.

“Native American students” and Far Left faculty members complained that the murals were an example of “Western triumphalism” and the equivalent of “a Confederate monument.” That’s another part of our history we’re not allowed to know about anymore.

Could it be that the university authorities did this because they’re terrified of social media trolls fanatically attacking them and calling them racists and haters and biggits, and scaring off potential donors?

Hey! What about Far Left triumphalism? You know–the kind that makes us deny our history and agree that everything that ever happened here, before they came along, was dark and evil. The kind that colleges and corporations always knuckle under to. Oh–that brand of triumphalism is okay?

If the discovery and, yes, European conquest of the Americas was a totally bad thing, the time to address it was, like, 500 years ago. It’s a little late to demand that everybody go back to the Old Country. We have to make the best of what we have today.

Which we can’t do, with the Far Left Crazy calling all the shots.

Which we can’t do for as long as we keep surrendering to these chip-on-the-shoulder artists.

I’m glad my ancestors came over here from France and Germany, and I’m not about to go back. And whether you like him or not, Columbus did land here in 1492 when all the smart money said he couldn’t–and only cowards erase their own history.

6 comments on “Running Scared… and Erasing History

  1. Whenever I read of these activities where history is adjusted to make some people happy, I can’t help but think of the protagonist from 1984 whose main job was working on the encyclpedae erasing this one or that one.

  2. I find it ironic that the same things they accuse Europeans of doing where the same things the natives did to to each other. They also conquered other tribes for land and enslaved other Indians. I’ve read about the Aztecs and their brutality and occultic blood lust was unrivaled. The conquistadors were no saints, but not even they practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism.

    1. When the first Spanish troops entered Tenochtitlan for the first time, and looked around at what was going on everywhere in the city, some of them wrote in their journals that they thought they’d been led into Hell itself.

  3. This is a very disturbing story. What ever happened to Notre Dame? Or should I say, what is happening to the Roman Catholic Church (and its Marxist pope)? After the Covington high school students were wrongly accused of bigotry, their own diocese condemned them harshly – and when it was revealed the students had been framed they still would not recant. And now there’s a movement on the Left to boycott all students who graduate from this school being accepted into any college or university (maybe Notre Dame won’t even take them).

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