Another Blogger Censored by Facebook

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The puppy is here to protect me from being censored.

Our friend Caralyn, at , is the latest to be censored by Facebook–simply for taking a pro-life stance against New York’s new law permitting late-term abortion right up until the moment of birth.

Caralyn posted what she describes as “a passionately pro-life” message on her blog, “Nightmare in New York” (, on Jan. 28. It was passionate, all right; but it contained no incitement to violence, no profanity, no personal abuse of anyone involved. She merely voiced an opinion shared by tens of millions of Americans. In short, there was nothing there that invited censorship; but Facebook banned her anyway. Four times she tried to advertise her post; four times Facebook shut her down.

“Evil is on the prowl in New York,” she wrote. She was appalled by the enthusiasm with which Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed abortion expansion into law. Cuomo, as she pointed out, is “a professing Catholic”; and she strongly criticized New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan who “has done nothing publicly” to, er, remind Cuomo that what he has advocated is a sin–murder–and dramatically opposed to all Catholic teachings.

What? She’s not allowed to say that? You can think it, but you can’t say it? What kind of public discussion of a controversial issue bans a whole side of the argument?

Doctrinaire “conservatives,” who never seem all that interested in conserving anything, will disagree with me: but I’m now convinced that the social media giants, including Facebook, need to be subjected to some kind of antitrust action. They are functioning as a monopoly, trying to ensure that only Far Left opinions can be published. Given the importance of the social media in what ought to be a public dialogue, it must not be allowed to be a monopoly. Trump administration, we need you to put a stop to this.

If all the news outlets in America were owned by the same few people, and presented only one side of any issue, and stifled all dissent, we would think our country was being very poorly served. That is not what our founders intended when they wrote freedom of the press into the First Amendment.

I can only believe that the left-wing social media resort to censorship because they’re afraid our side will win the argument.

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  1. If the left’s arguments had any merit, they would stand on their own. But they don’t, and it all falls down under scrutiny. Even worse, all conservatives, Christians, patriots, gun owners, veterans, or any blogger that doesn’t adhere to their PC (politically controlled) media will find that saying nothing at all will subject them to censorship just for being who they are. I left out republicans because the RINOS in the GOP are on the same side as the demrats.

    1. i was wondering when FB doesn’t let you post something, if they ban you for a period of time rr just the article itself.

      PS: Here’s a cat video, funny at the very end of its 2 min:

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      They don’t really dance, but the ending is priceless as one cat leaves the group, and when another cat tries to leave the group, the cat next to it slams his paw on the floor and the cat gets back in line. Yes, I gave you the ending, but it’s funny even when you expect it.

  2. As reported, “the phrase ‘Facebook is a private company’ is not accurate as they have formed a partnership with an insidious neoconservative “think tank” known as the Atlantic Council which is directly funded and made up of groups tied to the pharmaceutical industry, the military industrial complex, and even government itself. The Atlantic Council dictates to Facebook who is allowed on the platform and who is purged.

    Because the Atlantic Council is funded in part by the United States government—and they are making decisions for Facebook—this negates the claim that the company is private.”

    So yes, we should get our remedy in court, IF we get a judge who hasn’t been bought. Many lawsuits that were filed against FB and ruled against by unscrupulous Federal and Appeals court judges, are being re-filed. I think there may be more even evidence against FB than the above.

    1. They probably use algorithms, so I do wonder how that would hold up in court. With regard to posts here and because you’re not a robot, how short do you want the comments? I know some of mine get wordy and I feel guilty. But I can change because i’m not a robot either. In fact I sometimes skip reading a comment that’s too long, on other sites of course. I read everything here. Furthermore…LOL – i’m finished.

    2. Reader comments are an ornament to my site, and I would never ask you to put a lid on it. I just let everybody say what they want to say. I only censor nasty stuff.

    3. I never, ever assumed your would censor anything, less. I was thinking maybe you had too many comments to read and might prefer shorter ones over longer ones.

    4. Nope, it’s all up to the commenter. Besides, most readers like to read each other’s comments. I love it when you guys get to talking to each other.

    5. Really? Awesome. Humbly excluding myself, I can see this as your commenters are extremely intelligent, sane, informative, funny, clever, kind, God-loving, just like you. Is there a story to this…

    6. P.S.–If I ever thought I had too many comments, why would I keep running comment contests? No, the comments are a big part of the fun around here.

  3. “If all the news outlets in America were owned by the same few people, and presented only one side of any issue, and stifled all dissent, we would think our country was being very poorly served. ”

    – yet that is exactly what we already have. A few corporations, all headed by Lefties, do own and thus control our MSM. What we need to do is create news outlets to compete. A family in San Diego has created AON (American News Network), a phenomenal cable channel that is growing in leaps and bounds. Newsmax has a cable news network that is fighting the good fight. Ther id Blaze TV and CRTV on cable for a small monthly fee.
    Instead of cursing the darkness, like Jerry Falwell used to say, we need to shine the light (although I am for cursing the darkness at the same time).

  4. What I don’t understand is why people continue to use Facebook. It’s not a necessity of life and one can function without it.

    1. I use it because I grab for every scrap of audience I can get: books that don’t get read, might as well not get written. My publisher has no advertising budget: this blog is it, as far as advertising my books goes. So of course I use Facebook if I can. To say nothing of simply trying to reach all the people I can.

      You can see I have to use happy puppies to sidestep their censorship robots.

  5. I agree that if an argument is valid, you shouldn’t need to ban those who oppose. But they are afraid to lose and unfortunately so many people then think that the left side is the only side and everyone agrees with it. I like your puppy idea!

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