Us Interllecturals we Love The green New Dele!!!

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Wel al of Us in the Stodent Soviet we “are” like Totully In Love whith Alexandor Octosomething Cortezz and her Greeen New Dele!!!! It “is” jist waht we been wating four!!! At laast!! The Fudnamintle Trans Fourmatoin of Amerrica!!

I spatially like “the” Part abuot thay taike aweigh al the Cars “and” Tare Down evry bilding In Amerrica and put Up “a” New One insted!!! i hasnt got no stopid Car and i live in my prefesser’s Tool Shedd so i hop The Govramint thay taiks All The Cars and pullls down “All The” Houses espatially christins and Repobblicans and wite Suepremassists houses and make themb all live In cradbored Boxxes or som Thing!!!

Aslo i like the Part abote we al get Free Monny but i dont whant no Job becose whork it blows so i think I willl “jist hide” wen thay strat Handing Out “the” jobs i dont whant to has to be a accountint or nucular Physic guy or nothing like that!!

Aslo i like that Part abuot no Moar Jett Plains and hi-speeed rale insted i hope all “the” Trane Rides thay whill be Free and i can take a Trane to Ingland and taik coarses at Oxfrod!!!!

Of coarse yiu has got “to be A” Interllectural to reely “apreshate” The Green Niew Dele,, themb ordrinary dum peple “thay” whill Not Under-Stanned it! Thay are two stopid to reeleyes that themb hasing houses And Cars it maiks Climbit Chainge and “the” Whorld it Will End in jist 12 yeers iff we dont do The Grean New Dele!!! Butt thay willl feal Bettor abote it wen thay Get Free Monney and “thare” is In Come Equailitty alll over!!! We wil alll Be Ritch becose the Govramint it whill giving us lots of Monney!!

6 comments on “Us Interllecturals we Love The green New Dele!!!

  1. It’s okay, Joe, you don’t have to hide. The Green New Deal offers free money to anyone who’s “unable or unwilling to work.” If you don’t want a job, you’re covered.

    I still like the part about taking away the cars and airplanes and making all those trains magically appear all over the landscape …. oh, but wait. Won’t that mean tearing up most of the (gasp) environment in order to put down all those rails?

    (Actually, as Mark Steyn has said recently, the object is really to keep people from being mobile — just the way they did in the Soviet Union and other dictatorships. Take away the means of travel, and the people are kept in place like serfs or slaves.)

    1. Libs have been after our cars for decades. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say the automobile, once it became available to virtually everyone, was one of the chief factors in the rise of America’s middle class. Which is why libs hate it.

  2. College Joe is channeling his Leftist professors better and better all the time. It’s like a virus that increases its effects the more time it is given to fester. Maybe Joe can move to Chicago where they are already starting to give out $1,000 a month to everybody, with no strings attached.

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