‘It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child’ (2013)

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Don’t you wish I were just making this up? I do!

Please don’t think these people have gone away, just because we’ve got Donald Trump in the White House.

They still want to puree our civilization.

It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child!

One of the things Far Left Crazy has been trying to do for the last hundred years is wipe out the family and replace it with God knows what. The Soviet Union has fallen, and Red China is more fascist than communist–but American commies are still on board the program.

We are never more than one election away from them taking over for good.

4 comments on “‘It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child’ (2013)

  1. I remember in the 90s Hillary saying it takes a village to raise a child. No, it only takes two good parents.

  2. Yes, I remember that “it takes a village…’ crap. It was nutty then and it still is.

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