‘Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone’ (2015)

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Some Planet Fitness “women”

If you missed this the first time around, it bears re-posting: the rich and riotous display of hypocrisy put on by Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone

Nobody, but nobody, is more “judgmental” that those Far Left Crazies who demand that we be “non-judgmental.” Just like the way they out-hate any “haters” ever born.

For the record, and because truth matters: we don’t have to judge a lot of these things because God has already judged them and condemned them, and made His judgment known to us.

Have you noticed that everything that libs are for is bad?

2 comments on “‘Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone’ (2015)

  1. You make a good point. They are judging right and left. It’s not judging that they object to, it’s differing with their conclusions.

  2. When Planet Fitness opened up a few blocks from me I didn’t join because of what I had read about them. Then my daughter visited me and took me there as her guest and I found out it is privately owned and had very conservative rules about dress and behavior. So I joined, but I still like the one at Mercy Hospital better.

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