How To solv Our Problumbs!!

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We had a spacial lexture Today “in” Nothing Studies and boy was “it” Grate!!! our Prefesser she maid “This” Grate Thing abote how to “Tern” thiss hear no-good stinkin “contry” arownd!!!!!

And “its'” “so” simpal!!!!! Al we has “to” “do” is throe al Wite perdsons whoo Are “not” in collidge in Jale and locck “themb” up fourevver!!!!! becose Sub Contiously thay “are” all Sub Contious Wite Stuprembacysts!!!!! and it “is” “so” eeazy to tell whoo Thay are becose thay awlyays Voat for repulbickins and thay sapport Donold Trumpt he Is A Knotsy!!!! Jist Like Hittler!!!

The prefesser she toled Us thare are like 60 millyin or was it billyin, well wattever thay voated for Trumpt so thay Are “alll” Wite stuprembacysts and all of themb thay beelong In Prizzen!!!!

And aslo wee has got to let Out “of” Jale evry Boddy whoo “is” in thare Awlreddy,, let themb All Out!!! becose thay was ownly In thare becose Of Raceism!!!!!!!!!! So let themb Out “and” givve themb Lots Of Dollers witch we can taik from Wite Raceist thay woont knead it ware thay’re Going!!!!

Then we can has Socile Jutstus!!!!!

14 comments on “How To solv Our Problumbs!!

    1. Laughter really scorches them because they are absolutely convinced of their own virtue, wisdom, and fitness to rule others. They consider themselves vastly more intelligent than everyone who isn’t them–and that’s a bubble that needs to be punctured. The very fact that they’re liberals proves they’re much less intelligent than the rest of us.

    2. There are leftists who have come to their senses and repented. But my audience is probably people who need to be reminded that these people are not only totally wrong, but not very nice–and shouldn’t be listened to anymore.

  1. Trump is a Knotsy – why I never knew, so thanks Collige Joe. Maybe you could get a date with AOC – they say there is only a six-degree of difference between us all (or is that too much math for you?).

    1. Joe’s “haret” it be-lungs To Hillery!!
      But you’re right–only racists can count to six. In fact, the number six is itself racist. As is the entire Andromeda Galaxy.

    2. “As is the entire Andromeda Galaxy.”

      I say we go up to Andromeda and beat the crap outta ’em; in the name of peace & love. 🙂

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