‘Down with Father Serra!’ (2016)

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They haven’t torn down his statue yet.

When leftists want to tear down everything of ours so they can put up everything of theirs, they really do mean everything–including the past. Including our memory.

Down With Father Serra!

Father Serra, in their blind eyes, committed an unforgivable crime by teaching Native Americans to be Christians instead of pagans. Never mind that he gave them hope of forgiveness of sins and everlasting life–to say nothing of making it impossible for colonial authorities to deny that the natives were fully human. Christianity and slavery are incompatible. It may take time, but eventually Christ makes all His people free.

And all the leftids boo and hiss.

Because they want to do the opposite, and make all the people slaves.

5 comments on “‘Down with Father Serra!’ (2016)

  1. Now that the Democrats have declared belief in Christianity to be unacceptable, if they ever regain power over the Presidency and Congress it will just be a matter of time before Christian speech — and especially any attempts to convert someone to Christ — is declared a legally actionable hate crime.

  2. It is said that Christianity tamed the vikings. Heaven forbid we teach a warring society like the Indians had about loving your neighbor and forgiveness. I find it ironic that the same things they blame Europeans for the Indians did also did in spades. They had the same vices as the Europeans and even some they didn’t. They also had slaves and fought other tribes for land. They even practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice. Not even the “evil” Europeans did those things. Cortez is seen as a villain today, but he was always very adamant that the Indians had to stop human sacrifices. Now though we seem to be reverting to those pagan roots we once freed ourselves from and acquiring all the old habits of the ancient pagans. I wouldn’t be surprised if human sacrifices became in vogue again at some point. Heck, they are already trying to tell us cannibalism isn’t so bad.

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