‘Dracula’ Comments on the Dems’ Debate

Among other highlights of last night’s Democrat food fight, Joe Biden claimed 150 million people in the U.S. have been killed by gun violence since 2007… apparently forgetting who was in office for eight of those 13 years. Nor did he offer any suggestion as to who might have wiped out half our country’s population.

As a comment on the debate as a whole, I cannot improve on this little clip from Dracula, filmed in 1931. The action takes place, appropriately, at a lunatic asylum…

5 comments on “‘Dracula’ Comments on the Dems’ Debate

  1. People have been writing off Biden’s crazy statements for years as just “Joe being Joe.” But recently he’s begun sounding like someone in a mid-range stage of dementia — and I mean that medically, not metaphorically. It’s become painful to watch.

  2. The United States only had 314 million people in 2012. So he’s claiming nearly half the population has been wiped out by gun violence since 2007. If anyone believes that I have swamp land I can sell them.

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