‘We Can Live with Joe’? Really?

The Democrat establishment flexed its muscles on Super Tuesday and pushed Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

That they were able to do this was not surprising. What is surprising, and distressing, is the emergence of “conservative” commentators who are so happy to be rid of Bernie, they wouldn’t mind a Biden presidency. A business-as-usual presidency, with a moderate at the helm.

What kind of happy-juice have they been drinking?

First, watch this video again. It’s only one of many. If you really, truly believe this man is fit to be president, you’re as loopy as he is.

Since when is Joe a “moderate”? Open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, more and more abortion, more and more restrictions on the Second Amendment, government control of healthcare–these are lunatic public policies, and he’s on record as supporting every single one of them. These are extremist policies, and he supports them all.

What do these bogus conservative numbskulls mean when they say they “can live with Biden”? Better him than Bernie–’cause Bernie’s an out-and-out Bolshevik who publicly praises communist dictatorships? But in terms of policy recommendations, there’s hardly anything at all advocated by Sanders that hasn’t also been advocated by Biden. And all the rest of the departed Democrat candidates, we might add.

They’re all crazy. And so-called Republicans who think the republic can actually survive another Democrat regime are off their chumps.

Whether they can push and pull the doddering Biden all the way to Election Day remains to be seen. Heaven only knows what other bombs are going to drop from his mouth between then and now.

But all we need to know is No Democrats–never again.

13 comments on “‘We Can Live with Joe’? Really?

  1. Yep. ol’ Joe, he’s got it all.
    Can we hear Lord Take All that I have by Carroll Roberson.

    1. Yes, he sounds like there’s something wrong with his brain. He’s always been an idiot, but now he’s slurring his words and not able to keep track of where he is or what he’s supposed to be doing.

      Mark Simone says, “Hillary is circling Biden like a vulture.”

  2. Ol’ Joe is somethin’ special, that’s for sure. I am imagining him like the head in That Hideous Strength, controlled by a demonic entity and listened to by fools because the ‘smart people’ tell them to.

  3. I’ve heard several conservative pundits say the 2020 election for president is 50-50, it could go either way – WHAT? I thought these guys are suppose to keep up with what is going on. Haven’t they been to one of Trump’s rallies? Haven’t they seen how the primary turnout to vote for Trump, though he is unopposed, is setting records? Sheesh, what is wrong with these people? Trump will win in a landslide unless God has other plans.

    1. 1. You could hold a Biden rally in a garage and not have to move the lawn mower.
      2. They say this because it’s what they want to be true.
      3. 50-50 gets ratings; Trump crushes doddering old lefty is a ratings washout.
      4. Our noozies have become compulsive liars.

    1. It really bugs me to hear any of them called “moderates.” It’s shameful, the way our nooze media push lies.

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