Judge: You Can Be Arrested on ‘Suspicion’ of Having Virus

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You’d better not look sick!

(Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip. She asks, “Since when did illness become a felony?” That question needs an answer.)

The coronavirus panic has moved a Michigan judge to rule that individuals can be arrested and held–without medication!–for up to 72 hours if police or “health officials” suspect him or her of being infected with the virus (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/michigan-judge-authorizes-arresting-people-on-suspicion-of-covid-19-illness).

The “suspect”–is this crazy, or what?–may be “held for at least three days to confirm he or she is without a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 72 consecutive hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication)…”

Probable cause? We don’t need no stinking probable cause.

So they not only arrest you and “forcibly isolate” you for three days because some pipsqueak “suspects” you of having the virus; but if you really are sick, they’re not going to give you any medicine!

What’s with Michigan? The governor has been slapped with two federal lawsuits (so far!) for her heavy-handed “orders” imposed upon the populace. And there’s a recall petition against her with a couple hundred thousand signatures already.

Are our state and local governments becoming a more serious threat to our country than any disease? Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has become the poster gal for Mussolini wannabes. When they start forbidding you to plant your garden, as Whitmer has done, you know they’ve gone overboard.

Can Americans’ liberties really be lost so swiftly? Is it really that easy for a mayor or a governor to become a dictator?

They need taking down a peg, but good.

4 comments on “Judge: You Can Be Arrested on ‘Suspicion’ of Having Virus

    1. Or scare people so much that they’ll surrender to the tyranny: “Please don’t do anything worse to me! I’ll be good!”

      Sorry to be so pessimistic. But almost every pessimistic prediction I’ve made since the beginning of all this has come true, and in some cases, I hadn’t been pessimistic enough. And the reason I say “almost” every prediction is that I’ve now made some predictions about how the supposed “re-opening” is going to turn out. 🙁

    2. Let’s face it–freedom is not the natural state of fallen, sinful man. When we obey God’s laws, we prosper. When we practically insult Him to His face (think Drag Queen Story Hour), He’s likely to judge us for it.

      What can we do but pray? And speak the truth?

  1. Yes. It has gone way too far.
    And it happened so fast!
    Hopefully more and more people will wake up.
    Many are now saying they are more frightened of loss of freedom and loss of jobs, than they are of dying from COVID-19.

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