Canadian Cops Take Down ‘Star Wars’ Bad Guy (Oops!)

The Force was not strong with the 19-year-old restaurant employee

Armed officers of the Lethbridge, Alberta, Police Service drew their guns and physically tackled a 19-year-old woman in a Star Wars “Stormtrooper” costume (

She was in that costume as a publicity stunt for a Star Wars-themed restaurant just yards away. Cops pounced on her–giving her a bloody nose–because she was carrying a plastic toy Star Wars “blaster.”

William Shatner–Capt. Kirk knows about these things!–tweeted his “contempt” for the Lethbridge cops and asked, “Are you blind, chief?” The chief had been trying to wriggle off the hook by saying they had to jump the girl because she hadn’t complied quickly enough–he seems to have had “instantaneous” in mind–with the order to drop the “weapon.”

To be fair, there are toy guns that look enough like the real thing that a police officer would have to be crazy to take a chance on it. But here the Star Wars costume just outside the Star Wars restaurant should’ve at least hinted that this was not a situation to be taken seriously.

Is it just me–or, during this coronavirus panic and The Great Quarantine, have more and more police officers been acting more and more like real stormtroopers?

Keep it up, guys, and your reputation will be shot. Leftids already hate you. Don’t make normal people hate you, too.

Captain Kirk vs. PC Mind Police

As probably anyone might have predicted, the #MeToo Movement has gotten out of hand and become a parody of itself.

Just now, they’re busy doing Social Justice by getting Baby, It’s Cold Outside banned from the airwaves. So radio stations have been banning it, then re-instating it after normal people complain about the ban.

Up in Canada the fight for sanity is being led by 87-year-old and still-rockin’ William Shatner, famous for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek (and for a lot of other work, too). Shatner tweeted, “Call in to CBC [Canadian Broadcasting] radio all day and get them to play Baby, It’s Cold Outside until midnight.” He called the leftid twerps who want to ban the song a “Myopia Censorship Club” full of “2018 prudes.”

Yes, Bill–it’s this bizarre worldview in which the hookup culture shacks up with extreme prudery. How long they can maintain that incredible structure is anybody’s guess.

But see, if it wasn’t “#MeToo,” it’d just be something else. Like, every white person is a Racist. Every man is a sexual harasser. After a while, we don’t care anymore. The whole thing is about entitled schmendricks on the Left wanting to pick on everybody and lord it over them. So we all have to be guilty, which then gives them the right to bully us. They need us to be guilty.

A vote of thanks to William Shatner! He hasn’t backed down, and he’s inspired other normal persons to call in to radio stations and get the ban reversed.

Now, ordinarily I would never post on this blog a song like Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Really, it’s not my kind of thing and it has nothing to do with Christmas. If anything, it’s a sort of “winter festival” song, which means the lefties should love it. Anyway, I am making an exception now only because the tin-pot tyrants on the left forbid it. Take it away, Dean Martin!

Who’s Been Messing With My Computer?

We had big computer woes this morning, and I think I know who–or what–is responsible.


In fact, I think it was the same gremlin who freaked out William Shatner in the classic “Twilight Zone” episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. This ambitious gremlin tried to wreck an airliner, but Shatner stopped him. So now he plays it safe and just goes after computers.

I’ll have to have a word with my cats: next time this  critter comes after my computer, they are to run up and bite his ankles.