The Way They See It (Saints Preserve Us)

Donald Trump could be new Margaret Thatcher says Gingrich | Daily ...

We watch a lot of British comedies, mostly from the 1980s and 90s. And I can’t name a Britcom that didn’t take pot shots at Margaret Thatcher. She was prime minister for 21 years, 1979-90: but to hear the TV writers tell it, no one voted for her, no one liked her, no one had any respect for her–

Wait a minute!

Today in America, to hear our media tell it, no one voted for Donald Trump except for a tiny handful of white supremacists, no one likes him, no one has any respect for him, he’s universally despised and loathed…

Do they really believe that?

Maybe liberals have gotten so accustomed to winning by force that they’ve forgotten how to argue or persuade. Your newsroom has an editor who’s a Republican? Fire him! There’s a conservative in your faculty lounge? Just chase him out!

One night on the phone, some years ago, I was telling a liberal about a certain sex education textbook. He insisted the book did not exist. “But I have it right here on the table, in front of me,” I said. But it didn’t budge him.

As Joe Biden said, “We choose truth over facts!” That’s for sure. They ought to save it to put on his tombstone.

I wonder now: Are there a lot of details in a liberal’s mental landscape that simply aren’t there in real life? That would explain both their ideology and their behavior. Really–how could you possibly swallow the Green New Deal unless you were delusional?

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! What about all that stuff we learned in college???

The prosecution rests, your honor.

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  1. Now, now … don’t you know that there’s no objective reality, but only “narratives”? It’s all part of postmodernism / deconstructionism: We construct (or write) our own reality. It mostly goes back to Marxism, but it’s actually older than that. It’s just a new form of the old heresy of nominalism, which says that things are what they are only in the names we give them.

    I used to tell my students who’d been fed a lot of deconstructionism by their other professors that those professors didn’t really believe in it themselves. “Just try messing with their paychecks or teaching loads,” I used to tell the students, “and then see whether they believe in objective reality or not.”

  2. The inconsistency of all this is astounding. I recently read about some music business dealings in the ’60s. While “Peace and Love” were on the tips of every tongue, many of the people involved were not only Free Market practitioners, but were among the most rabid and unfeeling people imaginable. One rather famous manager would arrange advances for the bands he represented and then pocketed the entire proceeds himself. Many of these people were operating at the very fringe of legality and, IMO, probably crossing over into criminality, a great deal of the time. The enlightened mumbo jumbo of their public persona was paper thin. Nothing has changed.

  3. So far the DNC Convention speakers have told us Trump supporters that we are going to hell, that we are racists, that we are fascists, that America needs to be re-imagined, and Biden is as tough as nails.

    1. Interesting that they don’t believe in God — booed Him at their last convention and left Him out of the Pledge of Allegiance at this one — but they do purport to believe in Hell. Or maybe “Hell” is the name they plan on using for their gulag system if their puppet gets elected.

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