Forcing People to Say They Like You

Union Goon-Squad "THUGs" Own Pennsylvania (Literally) - Mike Shedlock

As I was finishing my last post (the one before this one), my work mysteriously disappeared from the page. Now what? What “improvement” are they hitting me with now? But then I began to wonder: had I been censored? The post included some teensy-weensy criticism of the otherwise perfect and beloved Black Lives Matter–and I’ve seen reports of some of the social media platforms banning any such comments. But I tracked down my post and posted it, so I guess I’m not banned. Not yet.

Now, how hard is it to visualize a near future in which anyone who doesn’t have a Black Lives Matter lawn sign is going to be in for lively times? Broken windows, slashed tires, scary phone calls… the usual bag of tricks.

In many venues now, we are not permitted to criticize what is, to be truthful about it, an evil revolutionary gang aspiring to destroy our country and make racial hatred the basis of our social life. Question: Is forcing us into silence going to endear them to us? If we can be made to say we like them and support them, will that eventually become our reality? Or will it just make us as mad as hell?

And now I have to stop because some more “improvements” have suddenly appeared on my screen and I have no idea what’s going to be published here. Let me know if you have problems reading it.


6 comments on “Forcing People to Say They Like You

  1. What you describe — about BLM, not about WordPress — is typical of every dictatorship. It’s not enough to avoid criticism of the ruling class; you must actively and publicly announce your devotion to Dear Leader or Der Fuhrer, or the Workers of the World, or whatever slogan is demanded of you to show your loyalty. And even then you aren’t safe from attack — as some business owners have discovered when the BLM sign in their store window was burned down along with the rest of the building. You must be kept constantly off-balance, constantly in fear, always questioning yourself and wondering when that midnight arrest will happen.

  2. Its becoming harder and harder with censorship…one of my post from June about the problem of riot was mysteriously disappeared from our FB page…sigh.

    1. I don’t think WordPress censors content… yet.
      If you think a post *might* get suppressed by Facebook, remember they have a computer doing it, not a human being. What has always worked for me, so far, in getting anything possibly controversial posted onto Facebook, is to illustrate the post with a nice big picture of happy puppies. It always seems to fool the robot.

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