‘Pope: “The People Are Sovereign”‘ (2016)

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Pope Francis made some trouble for himself in 2016 when he ducked the question of which candidate he supported for president of the United States, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Caught between a rock and a hard place, he prevaricated.

Pope: ‘The People Are Sovereign’

The whole sum of his actions and words shouts from the housetops that he doesn’t believe for one New York minute that “the people are sovereign.” It would be hard to find someone who believes it less.

Don’t you wish someone would ask him which candidate he favors, this time out? Let’s see him wriggle off this hot spot. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone has asked him that. So much for “journalism.”

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  1. If he didn’t endorse Trump in 2016 why should he now? Trump has proven himself to be the Pro-Life President we have ever had, and Biden is in favor of abortion up to the 9th month and paid for by tax-payer money. Read hard choice, Francis, you chump;

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