‘Alexa, Who’s the President?’

Even Alexa knows there’s no such animal as “President Biden,” and she’s only a machine. Here are some Cuban-American voters putting it to the test.

Pray that the whole country will soon have cause to celebrate President Trump’s re-election.

5 comments on “‘Alexa, Who’s the President?’

  1. I would say that the next two weeks will be telling. If the allegations of irregularities involving the Dominion system are substantiated, then the validity of the entire election will be called into question. This will be a defining moment and will determine whether we have free and meaningful elections in the future.

    Ultimately, the decline of our national character is the true root of this problem. We have arrived at this point because of years during which laws have not been enforced and citizens have not demanded that justice be served. While I would love to breathe some optimism into the situation, the best I can do is to say that it remains an open question. It truly comes down to rule of law, and I don’t claim to know whether the law will prevail, or not.

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