The Libs’ Tower of Babel (2016)

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Back in 2016, Democrats could only leer enviously at all the totalitarium madness going down in Canada. Now they think they’re a giant step closer to doing the same things here. Imagine the delight in any Democrat’s heart when the first defendant goes to prison for using the “wrong” pronoun. There used to be an armed robber in that cell, but him they let out.

The Libs’ Tower of Babel

Who can keep up with the monkeyshines that liberals do with the language? It’s a wonder we can still communicate at all.

Now that they’ve stolen an election, they reckon they can do anything they please.

4 comments on “The Libs’ Tower of Babel (2016)

  1. I see Constable Chumley has been writing your pull quotes. 🙂 Hmm, come to think of it, maybe a way to get around the language police is to start talking like Constable Chumley. Then we accuse the language police of a hate crime for refusing to use our nouns and verbs. And adjectives. Oh, and, of course, pronouns.

  2. Did anyone see Trump’s Rally last night in Georgia? It was powerful. His team has all kinds of evidence of voter fraud. And if somehow the courts and state legislators won’t give him his earned landslide victory, Trump said he would run in 2024 and keep the patriotic movement of putting America and trust in God first going forward because the best is yet to come. Pray for Rudy Giuliani who has tested positive for the Wuhan virus.

    1. Well, now we have video–for everyone to see–of the suitcases full of phony Biden votes being trotted out after the poll watchers were sent home. Fraud has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

      God help us if we fail to do justice now.

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