‘Oh, Look! Jesse James Is in Charge of the Banks!’ (2015)

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“We’re from the government and we’re here to help!”

As so often happens with the nooze, I can’t find any follow-up so I don’t know how this EU government caper turned out. Maybe they changed their minds and didn’t do it, after all–grab the savings of some 500 million people and use it to “plug the gap” left by a financial crisis.

Oh, Look! Jesse James is in Charge of the Banks!

The point is, nothing that you think you have is really yours. It’s all theirs, to do with as they please. That’s why they’re now in the business of rigging elections: they don’t what us bitter clingers thinking that we count for something.

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  1. I wonder how many people realize that after this year’s “election,” all future elections are nothing but a charade in which people poke at a machine that does nothing but produce pictures on a screen and maybe a piece of paper to stick in another machine which then disregards the piece of paper — along with other pieces of paper that were mailed in or marked by hand on site — while other machines then produce the pre-programmed “votes” that are actually counted.

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