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Our Post-9/11 Secular Humanist Paradise

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Check out this link: a pair of drug-using lost souls conk out from heroin at a traffic stop in East Liverpool, Ohio–with their four-year-old son stuck helplessly in the back seat of their car ( http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37320535 ). It tells you all you need to know about the way our country, and the whole fallen world, is headed.

Yeah, well, happily we’ve got all sorts of socialist safety-nets to soften the consequences of pissing your life into a fan. So you can keep on doing it.

On this day 15 years ago our country was attacked on her own soil, for the first time since the War of 1812, by a barbaric enemy that doesn’t even have a state to call its own. Unless you’re counting ISIS.

Since then, the Christ-rejecting rulers of the Western world have learned nothing. Not a thing. Oh, they try every trick they know of, to appease this ruthless enemy. “Embrace Islam,” the head honcho of France counsels his people. Sort of like the way Germany’s doing it. Sort of like the way our own country’s leaders want to do it. And in the meantime, do everything in their power to alienate their nations from their God.

Yes, we had drug addicts before 9/11. We have more of them now. Our rulers think they can solve the world’s problems by erasing national borders and wiping out morality. Their own voters have encouraged them to think so. “Just give us more power! Just pay us higher taxes! You’ll see–it’ll work out just fine!”

No. It won’t.

A nation that is not a nation under God is a nation going under.

This Just In (Some Very Hot News Flashes)

Secretary of State John Kerry has been rushed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi for the emergency removal of the last shred of his integrity. “It was making him very sick, even though it was almost too tiny to detect,” said the attending surgeon. “Now that he has no integrity at all, he will be able to appease Iran with a clear conscience.”

Schmendrick Pictures will spend at least $190 million remaking the classic movie, Gigli, according to a confidential source within the studio. Universally considered to be one of the world’s worst movies ever, the new Gigli will add a startling twist: all the male roles will be played by women, and all the female roles by men. Stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will be back, but with their roles reversed. “We’ll make back all the money we lost on the original, and then some!” said executive producer Edsel Volt.

There is now no polar ice cap at all, says Global Warming guru Al Gore. “The aerial photos that show a polar ice cap have been faked by Climate Change deniers,” said the–harrumph!–Nobel Prize winner. “We know who they are, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re arrested and tortured. Wait’ll you see what they confess to!” When asked about eyewitness reports of an ice cap, Gore parried, “Shut up!

Japanese scientists have invented a robot that does absolutely nothing except to demand free goods and services and threaten to riot if it doesn’t receive them.

Finally, hikers in the Canadian Outback have spotted a whole group of migrating centaurs, and photographed them. Unfortunately, the photos have been confiscated by Scholastic Books. So have the hikers.

And that’s today’s news–April 1, 2016.

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