I’m Stumped

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I’ve read a lot of history, and I’m a good political scientist–but the current state of our country absolutely stumps me.

What do you do when at least half the citizens believe their government has been fraudulently imposed on them, and the new president is well-known for his very iffy cognitive faculties? And when that government promotes and pushes crazy policies supported by hardly anyone? Like tearing down the border, arming Iran, and sweetheart deals with Communist China, just to name a few.

What in the world can we do?

I don’t know. We’ve never been here before. These are things that happen in countries long ago and far away. They never figured out what to do about it, either. Goodbye, republic; hail Caesar.

How can we put any trust in the next election, when we’ve just had one that stinks to high heaven?

Historically, the way the rulers govern such a country is by fear and violence: step out of line, and you disappear. Is that where we’re going?

We have nothing left but our prayers.

Pray hard, and hope God hears us.

3 comments on “I’m Stumped

  1. Big Media and Big Gummint have already started the idea rolling that we need an agency to hunt down purveyors of “misinformation” (i.e., dissent from woke orthodoxy) and silence them, punish them, “reeducate” them, bar them from employment, and/or imprison them. Of course, there’s some backlash, but that doesn’t matter. There’s always backlash initially. But the left just views that as sticker shock. Then they keep bringing back the idea over and over until it begins to sound everyday normal. And finally the unthinkable becomes not only thinkable but acceptable, and then not only acceptable but mandatory.

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