Cure for COVID? Sure–Hypocrisy!

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci on why 'television baseball' could work - Los  Angeles Times

He must be lying, his lips are moving

That slippery character “Doctor” Fauci is having the time of his life, he’s the whole world’s pandemic big shot; and he was in rare form in a recent “paper” (

“Living in harmony with nature,” he sez, “will require changes in human behavior.” (“And us folks in the gubmint just can’t wait to lay them changes on you!”) And see, we gotta change because Climate Change. And “globalization in general.”

Fauci’s house has five bathrooms in it. Think he’ll give it up for the sake of harmony with nature?

And he goes on to natter about “rebuilding the infrastructure of human existence,” blah-blah. Wait a minute! Are those warmup pitches for the Green New Deal?

But of course if we do all these things, sez Fauci, we’ll probably wind up “ending global poverty”–just like the Chinese Communists ended it by forcing people to live in cities. More o’ that harmony with nature!

I have never seen a plot of nature’s ground that some Democrat couldn’t wait to pave over. Trusting these guys to pursue “harmony with nature” is like trusting a fox to enjoy harmony with chickens.

How in the world did we ever wind up with slugs like this for our rulers?

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  1. Mankind has lived in “harmony” with nature for much of its existence, and had a considerably shorter lifespan because of it. It seems the modern pantheist wears rose colored glasses. Nature is harsh and unforgiving. We built modern civilization to protect us FROM nature. If these people would spend a few days in nature with only the clothes on their backs they would change their minds real quick.

  2. Ending global poverty? Even the WHO has acknowledged that the lockdowns decreed by Fauci and his gang have INCREASED global poverty.

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