Noozie: School Board Meetings = ‘Insurrection’

WATCH: Parents Protesting CRT, Trans Ideology Arrested After Loudoun County  School Board Shuts Down Meeting | The Daily Wire

Don’t you just love it when leftids learn a new word and then use it at us a million times a day? Remember “gravitas”? And the buzzword for now is “insurrection.”

The Left is gettin’ grieved that parents are showing up at local school board meetings to demand an end of Critical Race Theory (“White people are bad!”) and transgender indoctrination leveled at their children ( These uppity parents should butt out of their children’s education!

CNN noozie Jim Acosta, desperately looking for a new place to hang his hat now that Donald Trump is out of office, called these kind of loud and contentious school board meetings an “insurrection”–because that’s what it is, from now on, whenever you don’t see eye to eye with these creeps–and accused the parents in Loudon, Virginia, of “trans-bashing and an anti-CRT moral panic.” And guess what? It’s Donald Trump’s fault!

What would America look like if these leftist zombies ever got their way? Pray we never find out!

I don’t know about you, but I truly can’t imagine what they want.

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  1. It still brings me back to the same point; if no one watched CNN, it wouldn’t make a difference. Ignore these dolts and they will lose their power.

    1. I don’t think I’ve *ever* watched CNN, their viewership numbers are shrinking faster than mine… and yet they’re still here. Who’s propping them up?

    2. I don’t want to sound disrespectful of anyone, but if no one watches, it doesn’t matter if they are propped up.

      Let me elaborate. If I’m walking past a school playground and someone says that Billy is a big meanie, it doesn’t matter, because I know better than to take schoolyard talk seriously. If I came up to you and said that I heard Billy was a big meanie, you’d look at me like I had lost my mind. No one takes schoolyard talk seriously, because they know that it’s childish nonsense.

      If someone comes up and quotes CNN as a source, you don’t even have to refute it. Such “information” can be assailed because of its source. If someone defends CNN to me, I won’t be talking about serious subjects with that person, because they are basically lowering themselves to the level of schoolyard gossip. There probably are a core of people that will watch CNN no matter what, because they think that makes them seem informed. So what? The only people that take that crap seriously are persons trying to promote an agenda and a handful of people that feel validated by such rubbish. Neither group strikes me as being important.

  2. Yes, that is my thought, too. I have not watched CNN or any of the so-called MSM in a long time. I really don’t spend a lot of time on any of the “news” programs. I follow a few reporters that I have found to be
    much more reliable.

  3. Unfortunately, many people watch little else.

    Lee, you ask what these people want. The answer is that they want to destroy. Not to destroy anything in particular, just to destroy. That’s what their father Satan does. The only good thing is that we know the destroyer can never catch up to the Creator. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.

    1. I’m sure if you asked them what they wanted, you’d get a lot of poop about “justice” and “equality,” blah-blah… But those words most certainly don’t mean what leftids think they mean.

    2. People make the mistake of imagining a distinction between TV News and the other “Entertainment” on television. There is no distinction. Everything on TV is entertainment … everything. I have a Smart TV and, if there is no other input, it automatically starts blurting out “news” from some stupid source or another.

      It’s all there; serious faces, a sense of importance and interviews with people that look like rejects from some Reality TV show about some sort of hillbillies. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature should see that this is tailor made for the gullible and emotionally needy.

      I agree completely with Lee that the Education system is a huge problem, but I feel just as strongly that television (the way it’s consumed by most people) is a major contributor to the problem. BTW, advertising is every bit as bad as the programming. I watch some YouTube documentaries and find them informative. I pay $12 per month for You Tube Premium, just so I don’t have t9 see the stupidity of advertising.

    3. I have known people who will watch pure dreck on TV “because that’s what’s on.” Didn’t even have the gumption to change the channel.

    1. Meanwhile, I don’t know where you ran my post to give me a boost–but it seems to be working, hallelujah!

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