‘Mandatory Transgender Dating???’ (2018)

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This is a horror Tucker Carlson dug up–an “atheist YouTuber,” or just a plain old tuber, suggesting that the government impose “mandatory transgender dating” on normal people.

Mandatory Transgender Dating???

A few years earlier, a member of the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission made news by suggesting that people’s circles of friends weren’t “diverse” enough and the government should step in and assign friendships. They took that off their website when people saw it and got infuriated.

But see, that’s our problem. We never get mad enough to put these Far Left psychos and tinpot tyrants out of business. The heat always dies down, and then they’re back at it with the crazy schiff. They’ll never stop until we stop them.

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  1. Speaking of tinpot tyrants, I heard Governors Newsome’s approval ratings where up now that he has given the people of CA a little freedom, just ahead of his recall vote of course. It’s so obvious what he’s doing, and yet some people still fall far it. It’s amazing how they can forget all the bad stuff he’s done once the heat dies down as you say. It’s like battered wife syndrome. He keeps abusing them and after a few niceties they forget about it and keep coming back for more.

  2. In the second Crocodile Dundee movie, the hero winds up in a bar where he is accosted by a rather large and very made up women whom he later discovers is a man in drag. In the film it was funny. In real life, much less so.

  3. And once the unthinkable has become not only thinkable but mandatory, and people are assigned “trans” dating partners by “society” (i.e., some government agency), the next step will be mandatory marriage to those “trans partners.” It does follow logically, you know — if you’ll pardon me for citing logic, which is a patriarchal phallocentric heteronormative white supremacist concept.

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