My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 9 (‘Two Questions That Demand Answers’)

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Oh, but they have to watch us! It’s a mandate!

A publishing glitch prevented my weekly Newswithviews piece from appearing at its usual time on Thursday morning. But it’s here now.

Question! Why is COVID treated as the deadliest and scariest disease ever?

Two Questions That Demand Answers

Question! If the “vaccine” is so great, how come there are so many healthcare professionals who refuse to take it?

But we don’t get answers anymore. We don’t get publicly-debated legislation. All we get is mandates!

Either the mandates will have to stop, or the United States as a constitutional republic will have to.

Can’t have both!

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 9 (‘Two Questions That Demand Answers’)

  1. My city is now under mask mandate again, regardless of vaxx status. I keep asking what the point of the vaxx is if it doesn’t protect anyone, and no one will answer. Anyway, the rich section of my city, very blue, is being strict about the mandate. But the Kroger that I went to just outside that section this morning was only about a third masked and no one said anything to those of us who were unmasked. I haven’t been to my favorite grocery store yet, but I’m afraid they’ll be strict about it the way they were last time.

    1. Leftids love the masks because they love authoritarian government. If Biden mandated them to wear dunce caps from now on, they’d wear dunce caps.

  2. We just got an email blast from the leasing office of our apartment building that because of the city mandate we must all wear masks in the public areas of our building. I’m about to go downstairs for the mail and I will NOT wear a mask. If some bozo refuses to let me on an elevator, as happened to me once during the last phony scare, I’ll just say something politely nasty (i.e., no dirty words) and wait for the next elevator. Enough is enough.

  3. The insanity is obvious, you have to get the jab because the jab doesn’t always work. The fraudulent WH occupant never mentions herd immunity. Think of all the people that have had the Covid flu, they are now immune – it is like they really don’t exist.

    1. And even worse, for people who’ve had covid and now have immunity, taking the jab is actually dangerous.

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