My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 7 (‘School Boards vs. American Parents’)

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School board members caught out of disguise

How are we supposed to get adequate representation–and service!–from people who despise us?

Of course I’m talking about our local boards of education. We’d be better represented by space aliens.

I can hardly believe they’ve sicked the FBI on us. You know–that bunch that used to be an elite law enforcement agency, that hunted gangsters, not parents. The FBI is going to “investigate” parents now.

We have a so-called government that behaves like a foreign power occupying a conquered population. Natives getting restless? Make some of ’em disappear!

Apparently we’re not allowed to dissent from the school boards’ Far Left Crazy agenda.

The only meaningful and effective thing we can do about it is to pull our children out of the public schools. Public education is broken beyond repair.


8 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 7 (‘School Boards vs. American Parents’)

  1. Right now, everything is upside down. If this was an isolated matter, that would be one thing, but it seems like things are going bizarre in all areas of life.

    1. funny, ain’t it? Soviet Union collapses under the weight of total failure–and the Free World scrambles to grab the debris and do “fundamental transformation” into USSR wannabes.

  2. All Christians need to abandon the government school system. Place their children in private or Christian schools, but keep on eye on what is being taught, or the same thing can happen in a “Christian” school.

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