This Really Is Disgusting

Do you really, truly, honest-to-pete want your little kids getting this for an education? Hey, tell me if you do! Because I would regard that as a great curiosity that cries out for explanation.

Do we not want to be free anymore? Are we content to be the globalists’ livestock? The main course at the teachers’ union banquet? I mean, really, people! This isn’t America, in this video. This is commie China. Yeah, this is how they do it over there in commie-land. To think that stuff like this might have some part to play in our country’s future is profoundly depressing.

Public education is broken. It can’t be fixed. It is owned and operated by very bad people with insane ideas.

Pull your kids out now.

(Sheesh! Does this whole COVID thing resemble one of those darker Twilight Zone episodes–the ones written by Charles Beaumont, before he died so young from early-onset Alzheimer’s–or what?)


3 comments on “This Really Is Disgusting

  1. It’s a well-published known scientific fact that none of the masks people are being forced to wear are designed to, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus, and that breathing your own exhale, germs, and spittle (carbon monoxide) all day every day is far more hazardous to your health. And yet, most continue to wear them, despite being very harmful.

    Any teacher which would do this to their students should be arrested for child abuse! And any parent which would allow this to happen in their child’s classroom needs to have their children taken away from them! Muzzles do not help. If fact they are very harmful, and its been shown by studies, that for young children who wear those things, it can cause brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

  2. I didn’t watch the video before I made my first comment. “It helps to keep me safe…” this is so very very disgusting…the teacher must be nuts! In fact the whole school board seems insane for allowing this kind of thing to happen…where are the parents of these dear children? Don’t they know what is going on?

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