‘Reindeer Don’t Fly’ (Book Review)

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This is a book by our friend and colleague, Michael Riemer. I review a lot of books, and something about this title, Reindeer Don’t Fly, kept telling me that this was one of them. And lo, there it was on the Chalcedon website.


As I was growing up, “evolution” was a thing that went without saying–literally. I was out of college before I heard a single word against it. Heck, everybody “knew” that evolution was true, Darwin got it right–everybody knew that! You either had to be crazy or incredibly ignorant to believe otherwise.

Well, that’s changed.

Michael’s book will give you quite a few reasons to doubt the truth of Darwinism. Once upon a time, no one doubted it (trust me, I was there). Now there’s a great deal of doubt.

Once upon a time progressives, aka twits, who believed in Darwinism got away with passing themselves off as The Smartest People In The World. They still need taking down a peg–several pegs, actually–and Reindeer Don’t Fly certainly does that.

We should all join in.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every time a program comes on where people are talking so confidently about the “billions of years” nonsense and “explaining” the reasons for the evolving of nature, I just want to throw up. There is no wisdom whatsoever in their long studied reasons for the way things are, I can’t help thinking,
    oh, you poor fools, do you have a shock coming on that day.

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