School Board Atrocity Roundup

Herod’s men are always ready to rock!

Chris Rufo has a news report on the latest examples of school boards trying to cow and intimidate parents who dissent from insane school board policies–including a real goody from Round Rock, Texas (

Don’t think you’re safe just because you live in a red state like Texas. “Educators” and teachers’ unions are the same all over. They’re all Far Left crazy. And coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, they’re looking for brute force to turn on parents who question their evil and moronic policies–especially mask “Mandates,” Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, and filthy pornographic books in school libraries.

You know what our problem is? We, the American people, are governed by persons who really, truly, seriously don’t like us. They want to “fundamentally transform” our country, and public schools are a huge part of their plan. They won’t listen to us, they despise our most deeply-held beliefs, they laugh at us even when we’re looking right at them, and they think our American way of life has got to go.

And we let our children be “educated” by them? We need our heads examined!

The only sure way to drive these people back into the woodwork is to pull our children out of public school. Let’s see how long they can sustain “teaching” empty classrooms. Oh, sure, a few “progressives” will continue to send their kids there to learn Critical Race Theory–those few progs who don’t send their kids to ritzy private schools–but it won’t last for long.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

‘100 Bucks If You Let Us Jab You!’

Everything You Need to Know About the New $100 Bill - E! Online

I heard a troubling thing on the car radio the other day:

“We’ll give you $100 if you come in and get your vaccination!”

You know–don’t you?–that ordinary flu is much more likely to kill you than COVID is. But do they try to make you take a flu shot? Do they threaten you with second-class citizenship if you don’t? Do highly-paid, albeit asinine, TV noozies come onto the air prattling about how “anti-vaxxers” shouldn’t be allowed to buy groceries, or earn a living?

And who would ever offer you $100 to get a flu shot?

This is all crazy behavior that I’ve never seen before, and I don’t like seeing it now. Have the tyrants found, in COVID, the magic rod that’ll make everybody in the world obey them?

I mean, whose $100 is it, or was it, that they propose to give away? By what authority do they do this? A little while ago they were offering donuts to any so-called adult who could prove he’d had a COVID shot. I guess some people will do anything for a free donut.

Why are we doing all these things that we’ve never done before? Why did we have to shut down the whole country for a disease whose survival rate is better than 99%? Why, all of a sudden, are “mandates” raining down on us like burning hailstones?

All this stuff demands an explanation. And so far we’re not getting one.

What’ll I Write for Newswithviews?

Why do cats go batshit crazy in the middle of the night? |

While Big Tech plays with the search engines to make conservative blog posts hard to find, we can do nothing but hang on and put our trust in God. So we keep on working.

I try to write my weekly Newswithviews piece on Tuesday. I’ve got an idea that won’t go away. I’d like to know what my blog readers think of it.

Three abominations have been imposed on America in my lifetime: abortion; normalization of homosexuality; and “transgender.” All three were once considered sins (if a man running around asserting he was a woman was worth considering at all). All three are now in that “How dare you!” category: no criticism allowed.

We also have Criticial Race Theory, which they’re trying to load onto us, but that’s suddenly run into unexpected opposition. Really, you’ve got to sneak these things into the culture, not bring them on with a brass band. You want people to wake up wondering whether someone moved them to another country while they slept.

Big Tech, the Democrat Party, and our Free & Independent Nooze Media are doing their damnedest (and I do mean “damned”) to “fundamentally transform” America into a gigantic mental hospital run by inmates.

Pushback has only just started. They had to steal our presidential election to get our attention.

Pray it hasn’t started too late.

‘The Left’s America’ (2017)

See the source image

Does Communist China own the White House now, or have they only leased it?

Now that they’ve managed to take over practically everything, Far Left Crazy–aka the Democrat Party–has moved ahead to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist hell-hole.

The Left’s America

Some of you are bound to say, “Well, we elected ’em!” Actually, we didn’t. A powerful lot of cheating had to be done, to put them in the driver’s seat. You don’t think Americans are in favor of any of their policies, do you? If so, I’d love to hear which ones.

May the Lord God Almighty, the righteous judge, avenge us.