Denver School: ‘Disrupt the Nuclear Family’

When did this stop being segregation?

We must be some special kind of stupid, allowing our children to be “educated” by Far Left racists and wackos, and paying them a fortune in taxes to do it.

An elementary school in Denver has announced a “Black Lives Matter Week of Action,” Jan. 31-Feb. 4, in which children in kindergarten and first grade will be taught to “disrupt the nuclear family” by being “trans- and queer-affirming” (

Are we out of our ever-lovin’ minds, letting our kids be “taught” this stuff?

Oh–and they’ve got playground time reserved for “families of color.” I remember when they used to call that “segregation.” How come it’s okay now? They’ll also teach “globalism.” As a way back to “the collective village.” Do you believe this schiff?

Public education is killing us. It’s poisoning our country, undermining our society. What’s done in Denver can–and will!–be done in your city, your town.

If we really put our minds to it, and tried really, really hard, I doubt we could ever come up with any alternative worse than public schooling.

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  1. Seems that heads are spinning. Soon as everybody accepts that segregation is wrong, then NO. NO, we have to segregate because…. we all went nuts.

    1. I had thought that the goal was equality. People have the right to be treated as equals, no matter what their background may be. I like that; it’s fair and just. Somehow, that idea has been lost. A step towards segregation would undo a lot of progress.

  2. Why was the term “colored people” considered racist, but the term “people of color” is not? So is everyone who is not white included in “people of color?” I am confused. Try finding the answer to this on one of the search engines – happy hunting. 🙂

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