‘They Shall Be as Gods’ (2019)

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I wrote this before any of us ever heard of COVID-19. In fact, the big scare at the time was… measles.

They Shall Be as Gods

Curing diseases is a good thing. God gave us brains for that. But setting up the humanist state as an idol, that’s not a good thing. In fact it was the dirtiest trick the 20th century ever played on the human race, and we’re still living with it today.

Yowsah, yowsah! Just give us absolute power over everyone and everything, and nobody will ever get sick!

Do you think they might’ve been deliriously happy when COVID came along?

3 comments on “‘They Shall Be as Gods’ (2019)

  1. Very apt, in my opinion. Since the days of Moses, and undoubtedly even before that, people have wanted to worship something physical. In Moses’ day, they built a golden calf, and worshipped that, even though they had just witnessed deliverance from the One True God, who was able to control natural forces, but was not visible. Imagine that they would build an idol and ascribe to it their miraculous deliverance from pharaoh. Nothing changes and people today have no more sense than people in Moses’ day.

  2. Today Senator Ron Johnson held a committee meeting of the top medical scientists and doctors of the world and they blew the All-knowing State in the form of the FDA and CDC out of the water. The people in charge of the Plandemic have blood on their hands, big time!

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