Stupidworld! Docs Have to Ask Men, ‘Are You Pregnant?’

Southern Red-Backed Salamander

The content of this post is too disgusting to be illustrated. Here’s a picture of a nice red-backed salamander instead.

It’s getting so stupidity is prized for its own sake.

At a hospital in Liverpool run by the Walton Center NHS Trust, doctors now have to ask male patients, “Are you pregnant?” before giving them a scan or treating them for cancer ( Because these procedures might harm a baby in the womb!

Do these accredited medical professionals really, truly believe that a man can be pregnant? And if they don’t believe it, then why are they saying it?

Someone should put up a million-dollar prize for any doctor who can prove he’s seen a pregnant man–and not some trannie who says she’s a man. No one will ever claim that prize.

Be honest now–if you have a serious injury or illness, do you want to be treated by anyone who’s that dishonest or that ignorant, as to ask a man if he’s pregnant? This transgender/gender-fluid wackiness is climbing higher and higher, like gangrene creeping up a patient’s leg.

We live in an age we ought to be ashamed of.

6 comments on “Stupidworld! Docs Have to Ask Men, ‘Are You Pregnant?’

  1. The real object of this exercise has little to do with gender equity and everything to do with training people to obey orders that they know are absurd and/or evil. As Jason Whitlock has said, “If they can get you to believe absurdities, they can get you to commit atrocities.”

  2. Here’s my analysis on the transgender issue: for all of history, people have felt uncomfortable in their bodies for one reason or another. Up until just recently, there was really nothing they could do about it except to learn to live with and accept themselves as they were.

    Enter big Pharma and modern medicine who can now make mega bucks on these folks. (Of course, surgery, hormones, and makeup don’t actually make people happier—if they did, Hollywood would be the capital of peaceful serenity!) But with slick advertising, you can now make merchandise of hurting people…for the rest of their lives, as the hormones can never be quit. Add in the democrats who pretend to care as long as they get votes, and voila! A sad mess.

    1. The difference between then and now is that the ruling class is bending every effort to creating more transgenders, using the schools to promote this to children. And we all know non-stop propaganda really works.

  3. Right. They want more slaves who are easy to control. The gospel leads to freedom, which they hate.

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