‘The Pregnant Man’ Returns

No, it’s not a 1950s horror movie. It’s 2022 abortion politics.

When someone not yet identified leaked an impending Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, the ruling that “legalized” abortion without any legislation, Democrats and the rest of the Far Left scream machine went off like dynamite.

And among the first casualties–or so it seemed, just days ago–was the fantastic figure of The Pregnant Man, aka “birthing person” (https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/05/12/democrats-have-jumped-back-on-the-men-can-get-pregnant-fantasy-train-n1597284). Suddenly abortion was all about “women’s health”–not “birthing person’s”–and “a woman’s right to choose.” Women this, women that, and not a pregnant man anywhere in sight.

Then Senate Democrats rushed to “codify” abortion by making a law to support it. They already had a bill guaranteeing nationwide “abortion rights,” but it failed last year because it was too full of Crazy. So they modified it, trying to make it sound like something not written by untreated mental patients, and a few days ago, put it up for a vote as the Women’s Health Protection Act”–

–Which, once you got past the title, made not one mention of women–unless you want to count the one about all restrictions on abortion “are rooted in misogyny.” Otherwise, pregnant women were replace by “all people with the capacity for pregnancy.”

Yup, he’s back. The Pregnant Man returns.

I think the Dems should dump the donkey and adopt the Pregnant Man as their party’s mascot.

Stay Tuned!

Person Looking Through Keyhole Stock Photo by ©AndreyPopov 63345081

I have to go to the store now, but stay tuned for some huuuuge big nooze a little later!

Joe Collidge will check in, but there’s bigger nooze than that–

–Has the Pregnant Man returned already? He hasn’t been defenestrated?

My bloodwork is in, by the way: looks like I’m good for another year. I did have COVID, though: but we thought so. Now I have natural antibodies. Ditto Patty. But we think it was COVID that carried off our little Peep.

Gotta go before it starts raining…

Stupidworld! Docs Have to Ask Men, ‘Are You Pregnant?’

Southern Red-Backed Salamander

The content of this post is too disgusting to be illustrated. Here’s a picture of a nice red-backed salamander instead.

It’s getting so stupidity is prized for its own sake.

At a hospital in Liverpool run by the Walton Center NHS Trust, doctors now have to ask male patients, “Are you pregnant?” before giving them a scan or treating them for cancer (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10662257/Hospitals-asking-men-PREGNANT-beginning-cancer-treatment-report-claims.html). Because these procedures might harm a baby in the womb!

Do these accredited medical professionals really, truly believe that a man can be pregnant? And if they don’t believe it, then why are they saying it?

Someone should put up a million-dollar prize for any doctor who can prove he’s seen a pregnant man–and not some trannie who says she’s a man. No one will ever claim that prize.

Be honest now–if you have a serious injury or illness, do you want to be treated by anyone who’s that dishonest or that ignorant, as to ask a man if he’s pregnant? This transgender/gender-fluid wackiness is climbing higher and higher, like gangrene creeping up a patient’s leg.

We live in an age we ought to be ashamed of.