‘A World Governed by Satanists’ (2015)

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If everybody does it, we’re done for.

Lesson for today: If everybody did all those things that leftists say are good–like abortion, “sex re-assignment” for children, homosexuality, assisted suicide, and taking drugs–and which they would force us to do, if they had the power–the human race would go extinct.

A World Governed by Satanists

Satan means to unmake God’s creation. Satan wants to wipe us out. And those wack-jobs on the Left will help him do it.

But, as our friend Watchman pointed out yesterday, as bad as it is, at least now we see the threat and know the danger.

Now let’s do something about it.

6 comments on “‘A World Governed by Satanists’ (2015)

  1. Exactly. I’ve been saying for a long time that the push to “transition” young people is another part of the ongoing mass sterilization plot against humanity.

  2. I agree with this post. Your statement “Now let’s do something about it,” I agree with. That leaves a question. What is that “something,” we should do? I would love to hear your suggestions, maybe a long list of suggestions, and any suggestions your readers have concerning what should be done, how should it be done, etc.

  3. I forgot to put this in my post, but I am sure this would top your list, Get your children out of the Government schools. OK, what else?

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