Are We Winning?

An 'original copy' of Willard's 'Spirit of '76' painting surfaces

“The Spirit of ’76”–we’ve got to get it back.

There’s so much bad nooze out there. But do you ever get a sense that much of it springs from… desperation? That Far Left Crazy is putting the pedal to the metal because they see America slipping from their grasp, just when they thought they had it all sewn up for the wokies?

Are we winning? And don’t yet know it?

Perverted public school teachers who bragged about their exploits on social media–and now paying for it. Court blocks The Regime from lifting Title 42 and allowing another surge of illegal immigration. Secret “gender transition closets” in the schools… exposed. The groomers of Disney Corp smacked down, but good, by the state of Florida. CNN+ canceled after less than a month. Elon Musk buys Twitter, and just might restore free speech to that corner of the social media. States banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the public schools. Throngs of parents attending school board meetings to object to all sorts of “education” abuses–and many of them now seeking seats on their local boards.

These make for a rather large pushback.

Two things we must do: pray unceasingly for God’s help, and work hard, very hard, to win the midterm elections and cast the Far Left Crazy out of office.

And that’s only the first step. We are confronted with the challenge of saving our republic. We must not fail.


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  1. The oligarchs via the central banking systems are putting a full-court press on America – kind of like a “check” in Chess. Trump passed legislation to stop them before the 2020 election but Biden immediately did not implement to please his Great Reset masters. Put Trump back in the White House!!

    1. It might be said (I’m not 100% sure of this) that if the 2020 election hadn’t been stolen and SloJo installed as a phony president, we would not realize the gravity of the threat we face and could not react to it as needed.

  2. There are a lot of positive developments, that’s for certain. Wokeism seems to be falling from fashion. The Left seems to be feeding on their own to a greater degree. (I predicted that one.) Libs of Tik Toc seems to have shaken things up a bit. Netflix stock isn’t doing so well and people are abandoning their subscriptions to that service.

    Disney? I think that brand has outlived its viability. Frankly, I feel pretty strongly about this, because the brand which used to by synonymous with wholesome entertainment has betrayed its roots. Sometimes a business needs to be put out of its misery. Where I’m concerned, the Disney name is now toxic and I have no intention of ever buying anything from them again. The brand has been sullied and needs to go away.

    For that matter, much of Hollywood has lost its appeal. The last new release I saw in a theater was the Get Smart movie, in 2008, and that was at a promotional industry event, held during off peak hours in a rented movie theater. I’m sick of Marvel Comics movies, and even sicker of having sex be part and parcel of virtually every movie. I predict that Hollywood will fall upon ever harder times, and the next physical assault at an awards show won’t matter, because no one will be watching.

    1. Meanwhile, the fun is really heating up over at Twitter. Bill O’Reilly predicted that Woke would not survive this year. I pray he’s right.

    2. One thing I’ve observed as a growing trend, throughout life, is that fads come and go. We’ve seen a lot of fads in recent years, and I would close the Woke thing as one. One hallmark of fads is that they begin fairly suddenly and usually sort of dissipate into nothing without a sound. The reason they dissipate like this is because the participants, at least at some level, realize that they’ve been duped, and don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they participated.

      Fads require communications and the Internet is the perfect conduit, because almost everyone in developed nations has some level of Internet access these days. So people can communicate across vast distances in real time. I can think of two fads that were linked to new forms of communications; the market panic of 1929, when radio was fairly new and real-time stock market reports could be transmitted over the air, and the hula hoop, of the late fifties, which was definitely aided by the then new television medium. Mobile phones and texting gave teen the ability to organize raves in the 90’s, while various online communications systems have given us flash mobs, which were a practical impossibility before social media.

      I’m not suggesting that we sound the all-clear, by any means, but I suspect that it is dawning on the populace that there is a downside to some of the recent developments and that various social media can be used by those whom prey on innocent children. Just yesterday, I spoke with a man that had just discovered (that morning) that his youngest son was creating YouTube videos and he had no idea of the subject or content of those videos. He also noted that his son slams the lid shut on his laptop if someone walks into his room, so he suspects that there is real trouble. He already has the solution, and that is no more computers for that kid. I agree, 100%.

      The notion of being “woke” is nothing new. The verbiage may change over the years, but the idea of suddenly awakening to a more enlightened view is probably as old as humanity, itself. What has changed is the ability to communicate with like minded people via the Internet. So if you decide that the real problem is the consumption of lutefisk, you can search “lutefisk bad” and quickly find others that feel the same way. Now, with the psychological reinforcement of numbers, it’s easy to convince oneself that they are onto something big, and voilà, you have all the makings of a nascent movement, and Swedish social gatherings will never be the same. There’s a positive feedback loop reinforcing the “woke” conclusion and what started out as a not so bright notion can quickly morph into a moral imperative, in the minds of the participants.

      Hopefully, this whole idea will pass. A lot of woke notions are withering in the harsh light of reality and so long as the masses refuse to take the bait, these notions will die quickly, of natural causes. If I were a shareholder of Disney, or Netflix, I’d be ready to hold their respective boards accountable. (It’s quite possible that I actually am, in a small way, because something is beating the heck out of my Roth.)

      The masses can choose to be concerned with “woke”, or not and there’s nothing like a dose of reality to bring people down out of the clouds. The invasion of Ukraine has made people a bit more introspective, for example. Obvious inflation has alerted a generation to a possibility they had never even considered, while empty shelves have alerted two generations to something unknown since WW II. The Baby Boom had a wakeup call when Carter mismanaged things in the late ‘70s and we had decades of better policy choices being made after that.

      The economic problems of 2007-2008 heralded the end to that era and, while there have certainly been successes since then, there have also been a lot of poor policy choices over the last 15 years. Maybe things will get better.

    3. We have also had a very determined campaign by teachers’ unions–and the Democrat Party–to push “woke” stuff like their lives depended on it. The hula hoop wasn’t formally organized; Woke is.

      But look at the fun that’s breaking out over at Twitter. That could lead to even bigger things… good for us, bad for them.

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