SloJo to Teachers: Kids Are ‘Yours’

Should Joe Biden Even Bother Talking To Fox News?

Whose children, Joe?

What do you say when a word like this comes out of a wooden head like SloJo Biden’s as if it were an oracle? Addressing a “teachers of the year” event, weird old Joe came out with this:

“They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom” (

“They’re yours.” The horror, the horror… As one public school teacher in Michigan put it recently, before he wound up on “administrative leave,” “F*** the parents. I’m your parents now.”

See, that’s what they really think, these wackos who come swarming out of the teachers’ colleges. They think they have a right to groom your children for sex. And they devote a great deal of time and energy to that. More and more sane and decent people leave the teaching profession, to be replaced by the mutants you could see on “Libs of TikTok,” bragging about all the sex-talk they unload on the children in their classrooms.

This has the full blessing and support of the Democrat Party. The party is in an incestuous relationship with the teachers’ unions. Really, it’s disgusting.

“They’re yours.” That says it all. Parents, these people despise you, hate you, want to undermine your families and tear down your country. (Yeahbut, yeahbut! What about those 81 million phantoms who voted for Joe? Isn’t it mostly their country?)

The battle lines are drawn. Either we win, and save our republic, or they win and we lose everything.

And first we lose our children.

3 comments on “SloJo to Teachers: Kids Are ‘Yours’

  1. This is the most insane system I can imagine – no, I really can’t imagine. I never would have imagined for a moment that this country would or could come to this sad state of affairs.

  2. The Left used to keep all this under the radar, but now they are so confident they are winning they don’t hold back. They are forgetting that the children are God’s – big mistake on their part.

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