‘Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches’ (2018)

College students need safe space and crying closets, asserted a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, and also a whole menu of newfangled pronouns… just to get through the day.

Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches

I never felt stressed-out by college–and I made Phi Beta Kappa (good grief, I almost typed “Phi Beta Kafka”! is it an omen?), so I’m officially smart. Either I’m some kind of genius for whom the most difficult intellectual feats are child’s play… or college just isn’t that hard, especially if you’ve figured out how to handle it and do so efficiently.

But it’s hard to figure out anything if you’re Far Left Crazy.

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  1. When I was in college, a lot came easily, some came hard, and we took it all in stride — with a lot of complaining, of course, most of which was meant for showing-off purposes. Part of the point of college was that it was supposed to get us to stretch our minds and our capacity for work. But of course that was a long time ago (late 1950s – very early ’60s), when the whole world was different.

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