‘Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches’ (2018)

College students need safe space and crying closets, asserted a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, and also a whole menu of newfangled pronouns… just to get through the day.

Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches

I never felt stressed-out by college–and I made Phi Beta Kappa (good grief, I almost typed “Phi Beta Kafka”! is it an omen?), so I’m officially smart. Either I’m some kind of genius for whom the most difficult intellectual feats are child’s play… or college just isn’t that hard, especially if you’ve figured out how to handle it and do so efficiently.

But it’s hard to figure out anything if you’re Far Left Crazy.

Now we Has got Crying Closits!!

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Us Interllecturals we like “to” be On the Cuting Edje of “The” culchure so hear at Collidge us who Are on the Stodent Soviet we has Voated to put “Up” a duzzin Crying Closits all aronde the Campas and aslo Ritch Wite Hetrosexules thay got to Pay “for” it whith moar Tution!! And aslo The collidge it is now offring Socile Jutstus Ceratiffer Kits On Line and it only cost $1500,0 dollers yiu can “Sine Up” for it at iambasucker@fimbocollege.edu.! !Butt back to the Crying Closits!!

Orgynally thees hear Closits thay are For stodents that is All Stresssed Out by ecxams and Tests yiu jist go in-side “and” cry!!! for ten minnits! butt we reelise thare is lotts “of” Ohther Things to “get” Stresssed Out by and so yiu Are aloud to cry abote thoze tooo! i whent into a Closit this moaning and cryed abote Hillery she is Not Pressadint yet!!! i was so into It that “I” fourgot to cloze The Dore! and evvryboddy thay herd me!! and thay al strated Crying tooo! aslo i whanted To Cry “abote” thare still Are peple who thay are not Gay but somboddy thay tolled me My Time it was Up!!!

Oh It was a grate Day whith stodents Crying al Over the Campas!!! it maid me Prowed to Be a Interllectural!”