Self-Made Gods and ‘Useless People’

Synthetic Men of Mars | Edgar Rice BURROUGHS

ERB had it all figured out 90 years ago.

I feel a sense of urgency today. I think our world is in serious trouble and too many people don’t know it.

Take, f’rinstance, Yuval Harari, the No. 2 honcho in the World Economic Forum. In April he was wondering what to do with all the “useless people” who aren’t globalist fat cats.

Globalist Bigwig on ‘Useless People’

You would think that, after the Holocaust, a Jew would be exceptionally careful about using language like that. Okay, he doesn’t want to exterminate them outright: just sedate them with drugs and video games and let them die out. Like who needs ’em?

Ooh-hoo! Back in 2017, Yuval was in the nooze for his book, Homo Deus, all about how he and his little Davos playmates are gonna be as gods (where have we heard that before?) and everything’s going to be fantastically marvelous. Poor people will continue to die, but expensive technology will provide the elites with eternal life–just grow a nice new body in a culture vat and download the brain into a computer. Or whatever.

We Gonna Be Gods!

These characters are like mosquitoes: where there’s one, there’s more. The great majority of human beings on earth don’t like and certainly don’t trust the globalist in-crowd; but since when do elites worry about the majority? Does the horned toad worry that the ants outnumber him?

So five years later we still have the World Economic Forum and Yuval Harari, lucky us–and with SloJo Biden in the White House, to boot! If they can’t swallow us whole in 2022, they’ll never manage it

We pray the Lord will intervene.

3 comments on “Self-Made Gods and ‘Useless People’

  1. And when the machines run down and there are no “worthless people” left to fix them, what happens to the vaunted Immortal Elites who don’t know how to fix anything or even where the materials come from to fix things with?

  2. “Horned toads” make me think of the frogs mentioned coming out of the mouth of Satan’s followers in the Book of Revelation. As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. I imagine things looked very bleak to the First Century Christians. St. Paul tells us to press on to the goal.

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