The Grand Plan (and Where It’s Taking Us)

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With the discovery of “your depraved breeding kink” today, everything has fallen into place. I get it now. There’s a grand scheme, a kind of cosmic chess game hatched by Satan, in which the globalist/Far Left Crazy pawns think they’re kings–but they’re really only obeying the orders whispered into their ears while they sleep.

The end is to be the extinction of the human race. Here’s how it will be accomplished.

*First, they’ll abort all the babies they can lay their hands on. At the same time, they will preach that having babies is immoral. Selfish, dontcha know. Environmentally irresponsible. Gotta be discouraged–forcefully.

*Next, use the public schools and popular culture to promote “transgender,” which of course leads to sterility. They won’t be having babies! Anyway, they’ll have preschool, K-12, and goodness knows how many years in collidge to convince all the hes that they ought to be shes and all the shes that they ought to be hes.

*Make sure assisted suicide is always available, always praised as a courageous, generous, wonderful act that must be “celebrated.”

*Divide the human race into identity groups and keep them all at each other’s throats. Always make sure one of those groups is tagged The Bad Guy, for all the other groups to hate and blame for everything that’s wrong. Keep ’em guessing by changing The Bad Guy from time to time.

*Promote Artificial Intelligence as a replacement for the human race… while promising that the really big important pawns will have their minds downloaded into robots and they can live and fornicate forever. If you can’t sell them on this, you don’t belong here at all.

*Make sure there is a famine for hearing God’s word. For good measure, outlaw it.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I’d kind of like to be.


3 comments on “The Grand Plan (and Where It’s Taking Us)

  1. Lee, I don’t think you’re wrong on any of this. The Grand Plan is to go against the Lord in every way thinkable on man’s part while allowing man to think he is so much better than he ever was. We don’t need God, the Plan states. We now have so much technology that we can do nearly everything we can imagine. Our defeated enemy wants the human race to continue on in it’s fallen state and in the delusion that he has made. He wants as many as possible to come with him into eternal damnation and break God’s heart even more than it already is. God has provided the best Gift, the Gift of salvation and eternal life with Him, the Gift of a restored relationship with Him that had been broken in the Garden of Eden. We were created for fellowship with the living God and the enemy is doing his best to keep many from seeking to enter into that fellowship through Jesus Christ.

  2. Lee, I can’t add much to what you and Marge have said. The minions of Hell, being spiritually dead and ugly themselves, hate life and beauty and seek to destroy them.

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