Cornell U: No History Allowed!

Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

We’re not allowed to have any history. Recently Cornell Looniversity disappeared a plaque of the Gettysburg Address and a bust of Abraham Lincoln (

Gee, what happened to the Gettysburg Address? Why can’t anybody see it? Where did it go?

The looniversity president offered no explanation, no answer, no comment. The most that anybody could find out was, “Someone complained.”

Someone who? Can anyone complain, and Cornell will oblige them? Not flaming likely. Let’s see someone “complain” about stocking the men’s rest rooms with tampons and “period products” and see where that gets you. Is there something in the Gettysburg Address that no sane or decent person would countenance?

Or is this just some more anti-American anti-sane and anti-decent Far Left Crazy horse-schiff?

Defund the colleges. They have gone on too long. Take away the money and be done with them.

4 comments on “Cornell U: No History Allowed!

  1. Modern “universities” have become lobotomy factories.

    Sorry I’m not responding more today. I’m exhausted..

  2. They can try to eliminate history all they want– aint gonna work. History is history whether we like it or not. They have tried to do away with the Word of God, to no avail. They only show their stupidity. Who needs more training in stupidity?!

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