WEF Again: ‘We Don’t Need You People’

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Yuval in his playpen

And here again pipes up Yuval Harari, No. 2 termite of the World Economic Forum, proclaiming “We don’t need the vast majority of the population” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4085101/posts).

A few months ago he was nattering on about keeping the plebs anesthetized with drugs and video games. And him a citizen of the state of Israel, a state born out of the horrors of the Holocaust. You’d think he should’ve learned a lesson from that.

But chimpanzee scientist Jane Goodall has him beat. The ol’ Planet would be doing just fine, she sez, if only we could get rid of “94%” of the earth’s human population.

Do you ever get the feeling that these people who want to be our lords and masters aren’t exactly fond of us? Like, maybe we should make damned sure they never get the power to act on their depraved impulses?

What’s your Final Solution, WEF? How many of us will you leave alive?

May God Himself defend us.

12 comments on “WEF Again: ‘We Don’t Need You People’

  1. Of course when they say there have to be fewer people, they don’t mean themselves as part of the mix that should be eliminated. And few of them seem to have calculated how much of their luxurious living would be diminished if there weren’t enough people to do all the mining, farming, transporting, manufacturing, infrastructure upkeep, etc., to keep them supplied with their goodies — not to mention inventors, designers, cooks, artists, entertainers, and so on, plus the people who teach and train all the above. They talk about AI, but AI can only build on human input. Anyway, human history shows that the largest populations are the most flourishing because there are more people to do the inventing and producing.

    1. Iggy threw up overnight (which has come to be normal with him) but is otherwise doing okay. My skull spikes improved a bit this morning but are coming back this afternoon, and I’m still trying to catch up on both chores and sleep. In fact, I’m just about to shut down my computer and try to take a nap on the couch. I may be back after dinner.

    2. It may be an ear infection or something to do with the mandible or who knows what — I had this once before, and it took a week or two to clear up. I call it “skull spikes” because it usually feels like a spike being suddenly driven into the base of my skull and up through my brain into my eye and sometimes exploding at the top of my head. Sometimes, though, it just feels as though someone has crushed the left side of my skull in a vise. It’s not pleasant. The trouble is that it isn’t constant or predictable, so when a really bad one hits, I have a tendency to flinch, squint, jerk my head, and otherwise make faces — which is disconcerting to anyone who happens to be watching, and even more so to someone I’m talking with, who then thinks I’m reacting that way to what she’s said. 🙄

    3. It’s been about 3 or 4 days now. I expect it to last another few days, maybe a week more. In a way, I’m glad I had it before. Otherwise I’d be really worried. The basal cell cancer that I couldn’t get treated in 2020 because of the covid medical lockdowns has since multiplied and spread all over my scalp and a couple of places on my neck and face. So if I hadn’t had this condition before, I’d be afraid that the little cancers had finally spread into my brain. (Hey, ya gotta die of something, right? I just want to keep going until Iggy doesn’t need me any more.)

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