‘Classroom of the Month’ Reward: Roasted Crickets

Indoctrination: Campaign Called “Classroom of the Month” Gives Young Children Rewards, Including Roasted Crickets as a Snack (VIDEOS)

Mmm-mm! Bugs! Nice, tasty bugs! Just like Mr. Renfield in Dracula! Or Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Let’s all eat bugs! It’s To Save The Planet.

A Canadian FM (of course) radio station has a “Classroom of the Month” campaign, and among the “prizes” awarded to the winning classroom is… roasted crickets! The kiddies will eat ’em right there in the classroom while the, um, “teacher” tells them bugs are good for you and you are Saving The Planet. Washing your brain.

Meanwhile a 2019 study showed that 81 percent of crickets in European cricket farms and home cricket ranches… carry freakin’ parasites! Several of which are just as happy to take up residence in humans.

This is public education, folks. Your kids, your tax dollars, your future. Gee, what a depressing thought.

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  1. Seems like a good incentive to be a poor-performance class in order not to have to eat the crickets.

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