‘Jumping Off a Cliff’ (Mark Rushdoony)

Will you jump off that cliff? -

God doesn’t have to punish every sin; a lot of them punish themselves. Hence the title of Mark Rushdoony’s essay, Jumping Off a Cliff. The consequences of a sin, or a folly, provide the punishment.


We have pursued “a foolhardy course for several generations,” Mark writes, and by now the degradation of our culture has grown painfully obvious. It’ll take more than just elections to fix it. Whole-hearted Christian reconstruction is our only hope to repair the damage.

Even as breaking God’s laws brings on its own punishment, so does keeping them bring on its own blessing.

And we are very much in need of blessing!

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  1. The problems we are seeing are, at heart, moral, in nature. The civilization in which we live has changed drastically in the last six decades. Where it goes from here is in God’s hands. As individuals, we can strive to live moral lives, and I’m certain that God will take note, but unless our civilization arrests its moral decline, things will not go well.

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