Kids Need Rescue–from Public Schools

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Exodus Mandate has been a leading critic of Common Core and other “educational” malpractice.

You don’t have to have children or grandchildren in school to be distressed by what the public schools are doing. Racial paranoia, racial strife, transgender propaganda, grooming kids for sex–the news makes your flesh crawl… but what can you do?

There are many things that can be done, and here’s one of them.

Contribute to the Exodus Mandate ( Or contact them to see if there’s a Christian school project in your area that could use your help.

Exodus is celebrating its 25th year in ministry. They’re currently helping the Illinois Family Institute and Public School Exit start up Christian schools across the state of Illinois. Exodus Mandate lends a hand to such projects throughout the country.

Actually, there really is a nationwide movement to get kids out of the teachers’ unions’ Far Left Crazy public schools–“Broken beyond repair,” as Exodus Mandate says. But that’s no exaggeration, and Exodus does important work liaising with and encouraging local grassroots efforts.

Exodus President E. Ray Moore had been working very hard, making the rounds of Christian media, fielding phone calls and emails from all over the country. I’ve interviewed him several times, over the years. This man doesn’t give up easily.

For more information, phone the Exodus Mandate at 803-714-1744. You might find out there’s a Christian school project in your own neighborhood–and maybe you can help.

One thing I’m sure of:

Put an end to public schooling, and the Far Left dies.

2 comments on “Kids Need Rescue–from Public Schools

  1. It’s good to know of a practical way to help the situation directly with an organization that’s been around awhile. I’ve been out of direct homeschooling for a few years, but I know a number of parents/grandparents who are uncertain of homeschooling, but might be willing to get involved in setting up a new school. My own parents did that with other parents in the 1970s and 3 of my younger siblings attended.

    1. How did middle-class Roman families educate their children? They pooled their resources to hire a teacher! And he’d teach the kids of several families at once.

      They managed to turn out a pretty effective civilization without having public “education.”

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