Groomer Alert! NJ to ‘Punish Schools’ That Don’t Teach ‘Gender Identity’

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“They” for just one person? But this corrupts everything it touches.

Why do we still have local school boards in states like New Jersey? All they can do is rubber-stamp whatever BS gets handed down by the Dept. of Education.

The DOE has announced that it will “punish” school districts that fail to teach 10-year-olds all about “gender identity” etc. ( Dire warnings! Schools that don’t OBEY will be subject to “disciplinary action”–undefined: what, 50 lashes?–and “monitoring” by the state.

Do you still want your kids to be in public schools? Do you think you’ll get a pass because you live in some state other than New Jersey? The teachers’ unions mean for this curriculum to reign supreme in all 50 states.

What purpose can this transgender-homosexual-weirdo business possibly serve but to groom children for sex and make them available for sex? What is wrong with these “educators”? Are they all pedophiles? Or do they just see this as the handiest and best way to destroy the America that they hate so much?

Sorry! I’m getting too angry and words are beginning to fail me.

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